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“I kept putting it off, but knew I should get these decisions written down. Everdays made it so easy, and I had a nice plan I could email to my kids in less than 10 minutes.”


“Everdays made it so easy to take care of my cremation, there was no reason not to do it. Now it’s done and my kids have what they need all ready when they need it. ”


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The package that’s right for you 

Our custom packages make it easy for you to decide the type of support or services you want to put in place.

We bundle everything into one simple online purchase

That means you never have to go into the funeral home or meet with a sales agent.

Digital features to fit your modern life

Give loved ones the keys to your all-inclusive online plan, with 24/7 access to get back any time, and provide unique tools to help your family after you pass.

Provided by the funeral home of your choice

We partner with all of the best providers across the country so you can choose the funeral home that will serve your family.

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Our simple, pleasant experience gives people everywhere the confidence & control they need to buy their own funeral or cremation long before they’re gone.

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